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koalaxd's Journal

31 March
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A little something about me

A kind of new Arashi fan (better late than never)
--Sushi lover
--Panda Express food is good
--Coffee Lover (double chocolatey chip frapaccino)
--Arashi Lover
--Loves my Ipod
--A phone is a necessity even though my phone is more like a liability
--Getting into baking because it pretty calming
--Tends to watch shows that are spoken in different languages (filipino, japanese, korean)
--My favorite ring has PEACE on it :)

--Visit Japan, Korea, and Parts of Europe
--Get more piercings.
--Get a tattoo (just a little one that i can enjoy ><)
--Move out of my parents house and try to live independently (so i can party hardy...lol jk)
--Meet Arashi (especially Sho) and get a picture with them [impossible i know, a girl can dream]
--learn archery and kick boxing [it might be a while]
--Get fit

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